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Where can I buy compatible a Google Cardboard headset?
Google Cardboard is currently available from various vendors here.
How do I download and run VR porn videos with Google Cardboard on my Android smartphone?
1. Using your phone's web browser, navigate to and log in.
2. Click the "Watch Virtual Porn" banner button at the top.
3. Choose the virtual porn video you want to view.
4. On the next page, save the "Full Movie" link next to the "Smartphone VR" option.
5. Download AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS from the Play Store, tap the "Play from finder" button and select your video. This will likely appear in the main Download folder, unless you've specified a different location.
6. Configure settings based on your particular VR headset as it will differ depending on the phone that is being used. Example settings on the Samsung Galaxy S4:
7. Side-by-Side with 180
8. Screen Size: 110
9. Head Tracking: Full
10. After configuration, press play and place your Android Smartphone into your VR headset. All video controls can be accessed by looking to either side of the video as well as down.
11. Put on your headset and enjoy.

Note: If you wish to load the video without headtracking, simply launch the Naughty America VR Porn video on its own.
Head tracking isn't working on my device. What do I do?
Certain smartphones may be incompatible with Google Cardboard's head tracking features. If you're having issues with head tracking, try launching the video by itself, in a standard movie player, without using a VR app.
I'm having issues with my Google Cardboard VR device. Where can I get more help with this?
Google does not currently provide an official support section for Google Cardboard. However, you may find some answers to your questions here.

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