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Use Pigasus VR Player to locally play VR content. If you own a Handy device and have the appropriate membership access, head below to find out how you can enjoy The Handy functionality together with your choice of entertainement.


VR Scene and Script Download

On Your Computer

  1. Visit members.naughtyamerica.com/dream-lover/theHandy and locate the scene of your choice.
  2. Download both the scene's video file from the "More Info" menu and the corresponding Funscript file located within the Handy Connect button.
  3. Make sure both files have the same filename; excluding the file's extension (i.e. "mp4").
  4. Through the use of Android File Transfer, connect your Oculus Quest to your PC/Mac via the included USB cable.
  5. Once open, locate the "Movies" folder and click and drag your recently downloded video to this folder.
  6. After the video transfer is complete, located the "Pegasus" main folder. Expand that folder and you will see the "Scripts" folder. Here you may transfer the Funscript file for that scene. Please note: If you receive an error when attempting to transfer the Funscript file, change the file's extension from "funscript" to "txt" and proceed to try again. Once it has been transfered onto your device, you may revert that extension to "funscript" on the file located within the device.

On Your Oculus Quest

  1. Launch the Pigasus VR Media Player app. Please make sure your app is up-to-date if the device prompts you for an update.
  2. Once Open, locate the Sync Peripheral icon next to the clock a on the bottom bar. Click that icon and enter your Handy Connection Key and hit Connect. The Status will change from "Connecting" to "Connected" once successful. Note: Your Handy device must already be in Wi-Fi mode prior to completing this step.
  3. Once Connected, you may close the Sync Peripheral dialog box and select "Headset" from the Media Selection options.
  4. Locate the "Movies" folder and subsequently the video file you've just transfered. Once you hit play, Pigasus will search the device for the compatible Funscript file and motion will begin on your Handy device when you reach that point in the scene.
  5. More information can be found here https://hanginghatstudios.com/pigasus-faq/under "Interactive Synchronized Peripherals", if you are seeing a different Sync Peripheral Icon on your device.

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